Head over to KidPik where you can score $70 off your first box PLUS a free mask!

Some people are reporting their boxes cost less than $70, so their fist box was entirely FREE!!
Others are reporting they spent anywhere from $10-$20 on their box, which mind you, is still a KILLER deal considering you received 7 piece of clothing and accessories (shoes being one of them!)
Sign up here to get started. Enter your name and email address. Fill in your kiddo’s info and put in your debit or credit card (no prepaids accepted). $0 charged today.
This is a subscription, but you can schedule your next “box” 4, 6 or 12 weeks out – so you can easily put it the furthest date out, and cancel once you get your box. 
Once your box ships, you and your kiddo will have 7 days to try everything on. If you keep your entire box, you’ll get $70 off your total and just pay the remaining balance (if any). 
Otherwise, you can easily return everything via the prepaid label that they send with your items. So there is no loss either way! I can’t wait to see what you all score!