* my box (pictured above) was priced at $20 (with delivery fee – no minimum in my area – ) and I paid NOTHING after my $20 credit! 
This is the perfect way to get fruits and veggies delivered to your door!
Pricing will vary by box size, regular or organic produce, and by region.
Depending on how big your box is, your first order might be FREE with this credit!
Click here to get started. Once you sign up, the $20 off will auto-apply at checkout. 
Once you start your first week, you’ll get $20 off your 1st box, and then $20 off your 2nd, 3rd and 4th box.
NOTE: Some regions require you to spend $30 (minimum) before you can check out – I am not sure what areas this is, as my area does not have a minimum – but just a heads up in case it doesn’t let you checkout with only $20! 
Customize Your Box Each Week!
Your box is fully customizable each week! For me, my box is delivered on Mondays, so the “shopping window” opens at 3 PM on Thursday and closes at 12 PM on Saturday.
You can easily add or remove items from your box with a few clicks. Log in to your account during your shopping window and add or remove items to your liking.

Did you know? You can skip or cancel anytime!

FAQ listed on their website if you have any additional questions about how this works, where they deliver, pricing, etc.

At checkout, you’ll also have the option to apply for a reduced cost box.
Making produce affordable is important to us. Unfortunately, the USDA does not allow online grocery companies like Imperfect to accept SNAP and other benefits. However, we offer a reduced-cost box for anyone that meets the requirement for CalFresh/SNAP/EBT benefits. Check this box and we’ll send you a survey to confirm your qualification for a 33% discount.
Just check the box before submitting your order.