Did you know you can now upload your e-receipts to Fetch?! INCLUDING AMAZON!! 😱😱
Head here to sign up and get started (free to join).
You can upload e-receipts from:
  • Amazon, Walmart, Target, Shipt, Costco, Instacart, Sam’s Club, Boxed, Peapod and Jet!
Once you sign up here, connect your Amazon account and your email account to get these linked.
Here’s the best news…. you know all those free items you score from Amazon? You get 25 points for those receipts also!! So even if you spend nothing, you still earn points!🥳
When you open the app, just click the little blue circle on the main screen and have them scan for any new receipts.
Bonus: if you’re new to Fetch, sign up today, scan/upload your first receipt and you’ll automatically get 2000 points ($2)! Continue accumulating points to redeem for gift cards!
Use promo code
P6UQH when enrolling to get your bonus!
NOTE: you will only see your sign up bonus AFTER you’ve uploaded your first receipt (whether that be an in store grocery receipt or an online receipt)