Home Chef deal: Get the best meal kit delivery service on sale ...

Have you wanted to try HomeChef? We have a $35 off coupon just for you!
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NOTE: if the link does not work, enter promo code LAURENS001 at checkout instead.
* also note… those are zeros and not O’s 
After the discount, you’ll only pay $14.80 for TWO meals for TWO people – delivered to your door!
Once you receive the coupon code via email, click the link in your email.
Then, click “pick your meals”.
Answer the questions.
When you get to building a box, choose 2 meals for 2 people.
Click continue.
Input your information.
Pay $14.80 for (2) meals for (2) people.
You can cancel or skip weeks at anytime but unfortunately, they do not accept prepaid cards, so you will have to use a debit or credit card. Once you pay for your order, you can choose your 2 meals. If you don’t like the first week’s options, you can skip until you find a week that suits your taste.