Keep Calm & Wear TIE-DYE!! Peace, love and a tie dye t-shirt…..all the the essentials! But for real, this 100% durable cotton tie dye tee is such a fun and relaxed way to dress. It’s easy going, colorful and almost a little rebellious (in a super good way). It’s that laid back kind of style that we are all desperate for when life get’s crazy. These tops come in 3 different styles with multiple colors in each with sizes ranging from S-3XL! You will go crazy over these GROOVY tops, and for our deal of the week we have it priced at ONLY $16.95, making it a no brainer to add to cart!
TIE-DYE TOPS, 5/18-5/24
Tie Dye T-Shirts
The code is TIEDYE and it will make these fun tops just $16.95 and FREE SHIPPING.
The code is valid until 5/24!